Designs that incite, Designs of the decade, Designs of this Century

Our Mission:     To provide state of the art, innovative, modern and dynamic glass and aluminium products or services that surpass our competitors as expected by our customers through a world class standard and competent human resource.

Our Objectives:                                                 * To meet customers’ requests and specification in the shortest time possible *To provide a unique/distinct glass & aluminium supply support centre               *To ensure utmost dedication & commitment

Our Core Values:                          Integrity                                                             Creativity                                                           Visionary                                                            Reliability                                                             commitment                                                        Professionalism

Our Promise:

Our core priority is to continually provide you with competitively priced high quality glass and aluminium products and solutions

Century Glass and Aluminium (Pvt) Ltd is a local company which was incorporated in 2010. The company is still on growth
phase and run by dedicated and diligent directors, employees and shareholders with remarkable and proven
experience in the distribution, sales and support of  glass and aluminium products / services.

                                              Appearance is paramount in giving value to any property. Century Glass makes it mandatory and an emphasis to provision and delivery of quality glass and aluminium products for any residential or commercial construction project. Since our inception in 2010 we have devised an approach whereby the customer takes over the whole integral part of the design process and in this manner encourage our customer to provide input in the initial stage of any project.


“Century Glass believes that customers are fragile, just like glass, however at all times & by any means we strive to handle all  our customers with care, caution & courtesy.”- Century